Police chief warns of crossed license tags in Barton County

By Karen La Pierre

The number on the vehicle license plate should match the number on the renewal decal on the top right hand side of the tag.

Gary Vaughan, police chief of Claflin, is alerting residents of Barton County to check their license plate and decal for mismatched numbers.

If the numbers don’t match it could cause serious issues in the event of vehicle rollover when the police are trying to notify family of the accident.

A resident of Claflin came to the chief with a mismatched tag. The tag actually belonged to another vehicle.

Vaughan called the individual, and that individual also had a mismatched tag. Vaughan followed the trail through four vehicles, all with mismatched tags.

This includes one vehicle in Hoisington, one in Great Bend, one in Claflin and one in Barton County.

“I don’t know how far this goes,” Vaughan said. “It’s a real mess.”

Kansas license tags are issued through the Barton County Treasurer or online.

A call to the Barton County Treasurer on how to handle this situation was returned Tuesday afternoon.

Treasurer Kevin Wondra urged the public not to panic. He thought at this point, nothing needed to be done until it was researched what had happened to cause the problem.

Wondra said they are working to get it all rectified.


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  1. Diana on August 16, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    I’m not completely surprised by this. I was in there recently and was appalled how this particular office has gone downhill. It was very obvious that there is no respect, and definitely no dress code there. Ladies wearing conversation t-shirts , spaghetti strap tops, jeans etc. This is a government office and there should be an appropriate dress code.

    Kevin Wondra was out for the day and the ladies didn’t hesitate to bash him right in front of customers. Whether they approve of him or not, it’s not appropriate to talk about him while employed within.

    You may think these issues have nothing to do with what happened with the tag issue, but when you slack off in one area, you possibly slack off in others.

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